Festival International Benicassim (Fib 2013)

Festival International Benicassim (Fib 2013) Tickets

Sorry there are no shows for Festival International Benicassim (Fib 2013) right now.

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Tristan Bonato

I have some ticket 4 days to sell. call me if you are interested.

Posted on: 2013-07-15T11:49:22+0000
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Victor-Jan Goemans

I really need a Villacamp ticket since all my friends are camping there, but now it seems they're sold out... anyone who knows how I can get one/anyone willing to sell one?

Posted on: 2013-07-02T09:32:21+0000
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Georgia Grant

does ID need to be brought along? and does the name on the ticket need to match your ID?

Posted on: 2013-06-18T00:01:30+0000
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Shaina Beth Montalvo

Where is the best place to stay if you are only going for one day?

Posted on: 2013-05-27T10:44:16+0000
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Tony Green

If we buy 3 day tickets do we get camping including.

Posted on: 2013-05-20T14:24:29+0000
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Rob Danson

If we buy 3 day tickets do we get camping including.

Posted on: 2013-04-26T18:10:33+0000
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Fib Tour

Getting to the Festival? We may be all your needs, provide transport and accommodation! Check us out! Acomodation from 950€/7nights/6 person. Airport-Transfer: Barcelona - FiberFib(Festival International of Benicassim) from 55€/per.

Posted on: 2013-04-16T09:48:11+0000
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Louise Schwab

Are camping access alrealdy sold out?

Posted on: 2013-04-12T19:37:26+0000
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Mateusz Mazurkiewicz

Will the 2-day tickets be in sale?

Posted on: 2013-04-01T09:03:26+0000
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Matt Harper

are there no weekend 4 day tickets?

Posted on: 2013-03-04T21:28:09+0000
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Elio Schiller

have you run out of standard tickets?

Posted on: 2013-02-16T18:45:22+0000
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Marlies Dupont

Summer plans...

Posted on: 2013-02-13T19:10:10+0000
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