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Karen Jane

HI Does anyone have a VIP ticket for Liverpool please? I only need one. Contact me on karenjdavies7@aol.com Thanks xx

Posted on: 2015-05-29T21:04:48+0000
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Hollie Shore

I have 2 standing tickets to see James In London but would really like Kings row seating if anybody has for sale? xx

Posted on: 2015-05-19T15:29:47+0000
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Rebecca Weaver

I have a ticket for Liverpool on the 26th if anyone wants it? £25

Posted on: 2015-05-20T21:03:39+0000
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Tina Harrison

is it standing only at the ritz??

Posted on: 2015-02-10T21:14:15+0000
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Andrea Gardner

Got One ticket for sale for Sunday 26 th in Blackpool contact me andrea.gardner2@btinternet.com

Posted on: 2014-01-25T21:17:00+0000
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Andy Davis

2 tickets for leeds.60 pounds.. please contact me if you are interested.. Andy 07813811775

Posted on: 2014-01-18T19:22:06+0000
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Rachel Powell

Any tickets for 30th jan ?

Posted on: 2014-01-20T17:52:44+0000
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Steven Brownett

Have two to sell at face value for this event - Circle block 4, row J. Pick up from Uxbridge, Harrow or Central London.

Posted on: 2014-01-14T19:28:01+0000
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Nichola Jones

Hiya just wondered if anyone had tickets available for Sheffield, Leeds or Manchester. Need two if possible. Thanks

Posted on: 2014-01-12T20:49:13+0000
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Ellie Jones

Really need 2 tickets for either Sheffield, Leeds or Manchester if anyone has any spare :)

Posted on: 2014-01-12T20:56:07+0000
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Kasia Piotrowicz

please need one standing ticket! Does anyone have for sale?

Posted on: 2014-01-13T21:59:56+0000
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Natalja Volusko

Need two tickets on 19th January in Oxford, please email nattata@inbox.lv

Posted on: 2014-01-12T15:20:46+0000
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Ray Duxbury

wanted 2 tickets but after being "timed out" would then only offer me 1 or 3 tickets. FORGET IT!!!

Posted on: 2014-01-08T13:13:54+0000
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Aimee Jean

I NEEEEEEEEEED A TICKET someone please email me on aimee.johnstone@ymail.com if anyone has one

Posted on: 2013-12-31T12:59:42+0000
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Karrina Brock

is this sold out?! I NEED a ticket!

Posted on: 2014-01-02T15:35:07+0000
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Amanda Larder

Need 2 tickets if available jazznboot@aol.com

Posted on: 2013-12-27T22:00:52+0000
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Jen-Yi Lee

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ticket!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 2013-12-18T01:32:48+0000
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David Wright

Anyone got tickets for sale ?

Posted on: 2013-12-11T10:44:03+0000
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Ben Dennis Simpson

is this sold out or tickets not on sale yet??

Posted on: 2013-11-24T08:08:41+0000
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(Unknown user)

wow i have been waiting for his tour to come out, he is an amazing artist

Posted on: 2013-10-10T11:30:47+0000
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Tasha Melton

Woooo, buzzing cannot wait!

Posted on: 2013-10-07T20:54:02+0000
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Libby Watts

So will James Arthur be singing?!

Posted on: 2013-10-30T12:44:53+0000
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Leanne Grace Jaqueline Hamilton


Posted on: 2013-10-18T16:58:42+0000
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Julie Hodgkiss

got my ticket stalls row L. Thort it was standing but wen I got the details of my tickets it says seated is it a full seated event?

Posted on: 2013-10-10T22:33:44+0000
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David Kennedy

would lv to see him perform cos hes class and a true legend as well hes mint

Posted on: 2013-10-07T17:13:14+0000
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