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Adiba Maduegbuna

How dare you Prince! how dare you. Where is the London date, where is the flipping London date :'(

Posted on: 2014-04-30T21:33:48+0000
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Pms Bull


Posted on: 2014-04-30T23:29:34+0000
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Amanda Bertram

i believe he's playing at The Goose on The Green, Catford !

Posted on: 2014-04-30T23:20:57+0000
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Keely Garbutt

19 years since we last saw prince we need to get tickets especially after missing out in Manchester!

Posted on: 2014-04-30T20:54:26+0000
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Lewis Danby

Selling 2 seated tickets for Glasgow less than face value, paid £93.50, selling for £80 contact me asap

Posted on: 2014-05-19T23:24:58+0000
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Lewis Danby

i am selling tickets for the Manchester gigs for £50 a ticket Please contact me asap for details!

Posted on: 2014-05-09T11:59:27+0000
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Rose Winfield

Absolutely love and adore Prince saw once at Manchester arena, and twice at the O2 at the 21 nights tour and saw him twice at the after show party was well worth the money gutted he's not doing London but glad he's seeing the rest of the country would love go to see him again but have a house move near the dates he is playing so gutted. Hope all prince fans out their enjoy the show if it's anything like the 21 nights it won't disappoint!

Posted on: 2014-05-03T08:24:39+0000
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Amanda Fletcher

If anyone is looking for 2 tickets for Glasgow on 22 May I have 2 extra. Both myself and my friend managed to get them. Selling for the amount I paid which including all the fee's is £280.01. Seats are Block: 229 - Row: R - Seats: 205 To 206. PM me if you're interested

Posted on: 2014-05-03T19:43:14+0000
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Jimster Draper

..saw him in manchester ..last month..wasthe worst time ive seen him ...3 eyed girl are not that good ..and the facy prince didnt play guitar on purple rain was a great disapointment ...70% of the show was brilliant ..but normally its an 100% of the show thats brilliant not bothering again while 3 eyed girl are involved..this is my honest opinion ..

Posted on: 2014-05-02T09:46:12+0000
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Elizabeth Rose

Also interested in London as live near the Roundhouse & still didn't get tix last time for all you non Londeners, it's not about where you live it's about just being lucky sometimes. My best mate here is from Minnesota & she missed out too as big home fan. So we'll try for Birmingham & see what happens. Prince is still a music god for us.....enjoyi

Posted on: 2014-05-02T10:36:33+0000
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Martin Billing

Stop moaning where he is not playing and get in the your car and drive. If you want something you gotta go get it. I have no issue driving 3-4 hours to see him.

Posted on: 2014-05-02T15:12:27+0000
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Craig Atkin

DAily Mail are reporting tickets are £65. Can anyone confirm this? Sounds about right.

Posted on: 2014-05-02T09:34:27+0000
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Bernie Castle

Prince tickets Kirst/Jess/Treese ???? # #

Posted on: 2014-04-30T20:04:39+0000
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Emma Meadows

Gutted, what about Cardiff?! :/

Posted on: 2014-05-01T08:36:53+0000
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Ian Roberts

What? Thats only 40 miles.

Posted on: 2014-05-01T10:47:14+0000
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Posted on: 2014-05-13T12:48:51+0000
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Julie Shaw

I mean what about Liverpool or more dates even??????????? GUTTED!!!

Posted on: 2014-05-01T10:07:29+0000
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Marcel Vogels

I have 2 tickets for section BK 228, row V available. Living in Belgium and already going to Birmingham and Manchester, this Glasgow show may be a little too much (incl. plane ticket ;-)). Anybody interested?

Posted on: 2014-05-04T16:28:14+0000
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