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Adam Williamson

How can the 1975 shamelessly say that this show is for the true dedicated fans, when it seems that the only people that have tickets are the ticket touts?? I was on here at 9 o'clock to buy tickets, and within the minute there totally sold out, but people still have the nerve to sell tickets right here for triple the price, so how can this tour be for the true 1975 fans?? this is for the touts and people fortunate enough to have 50/60 pounds to spare, and i truly hope all you people selling the tickets at extortionate prices get hit by a bus. And dont you dare call yourself a fan of them if your attempting to sell thickets that i, as a huge fan of them would have put to good use, by ATTENDING THE F****** CONCERT!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T13:42:19+0000
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Claire Noble

Just like to say THANKS to whoever allowed the ticket touts to get in and buy majority of the tickets. Ticket touts don't count as fans, they are nothing but vultures. Someone has some questions to answer as now there will be alot of very unhappy upset fans and too rightly so. I like some now have to let my dedicated fan daughter know that she will not be going due to greediness. :/

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:00:15+0000
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Andy Glidden

Just tried to buy tickets for my daughter for The 1975 and am furious at the whole system that allows touts to sweep up all tickets instantly and blatantly profiteer by instantly re-listing them at multiple times the face value. The government should step in and make it a criminal offence to sell tickets at more than face value - that would put these companies out of business in one step. What do these touts or reseller sites offer society, other than misery and exploitation? There is also something fundamentally wrong with the system that allows these companies to somehow sweep up all the tickets instantly? How do they do that? Why do the ticket distributors allow it? Technology must be available to limit ticket sales to a few, say 2 or 4 to any one IP address within 30 minute intervals or something. I tried to get 2 for my daughter via a fanlink on Thursday morning at precisely 9.00. First attempt said the queue was full - I refreshed the browser and got in to the site, selected the venue and put two tickets in my basket, added my card details and hit 'buy'. Apparently I had missed a field, so corrected it, hit 'buy' again and a message appeared saying 'sold out'. Surely the system should give a few minutes to complete once you have the tickets in your basket?? I felt like someone had literally grabbed them from my hand. It seems that every event that involves buying tickets online leads to frustration for the genuine fans. Why not have 50% of the tickets on sale only at the venue, for instance, so at least locals have the option of getting up early and queuing? The whole system stinks . . .

Posted on: 2015-06-06T10:43:11+0000
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Phoebe Mary Duffy

There are 120 tickets available for the London show on Stubhub for £64 upwards. Dont really see how it is fair for people who dont even want to go and see the show, go and buy tickets for a decent price off sites like this and then sell them on for profit for their own gain. Sites like this should release the tickets at a gradual pace not all at once so things like this doesnt happen. I waited from half 8 on the site refreshing every so often. It got to 9 when they supposedly said they would be going on general release, however i was kicked off the page and when i went back on they were all sold out. Not fair at all, i am not willing to pay double the price of a concert that is meant to be £20. so pissed off.

Posted on: 2015-06-05T09:50:17+0000
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David Ward

What an absolute joke. I wouldn't mind if it was the mass amount of fans that have bought and sold it out. It's the fact it's just people, who won't even be attending. Who have bought tickets in bulk, just to sell for double or even triple the price on other sites. Absolute joke and something needs to be done about this sort of thing!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:25:57+0000
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Nat Jones

So there are apparently only tickets left for Bridlington and Doncaster shows. And there are no more shows in the UK until 2016. SO ITS OKAY, ALL OF US REAL FANS DONT HAVE TO WORRY. IT CAN BE OUR TURN IN 2016.

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:38:48+0000
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Jerry Reilly

And yet hundreds are available on getmein, total rip off

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:11:40+0000
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Katie Coppin


Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:01:50+0000
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Tug Summers

There is no such thing as tickets for genuine fans obviously. The whole system is as corrupt as FIFA. How it can possibly be fair that someone can buy 8 tickets at £24 (from ticket master) then list them straight away literally within seconds on their sister site (get me in) for £110 per ticket? I predict a riot as the Kaiser Chiefs would say

Posted on: 2015-06-06T00:03:49+0000
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Katie Coppin

Maybe when they said only true/dedicated fans would get tickets... because they knew they'd be brought by touts and rip off websites and only these true fans will pay double - triple price to original face value.......

Posted on: 2015-06-05T18:27:01+0000
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Dave Luck

This is a joke... how can you sell the tickets before they go on sale... dont you know what arrangements people make to make themselves available to buy tickets ? ..why dont you be honest and say weve sold them to all to a touting website so tough luck and save all the misery you cause !!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:33:21+0000
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Michael Beddow

so you sit in a queue for an hour only to be told they're sold out after 12 seconds... are charging £51 a ticket, up to £60 on StubHub. Good work touters. You bastards!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:11:16+0000
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Bex Mason

get me in selling one ticket for £60 and it says underneath one of 8 tickets available - we all know why they're sold out so quickly....

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:24:22+0000
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Mary Coakley

two days in a row time wasted did you even have tickets for sale???

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:04:08+0000
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Alex Cadman

after 45 minutes of searching all the venue sites i was able to snag 3 standing tickets for the leicester show, manchester and london being my first choices. leicester venue seems to be releasing tickets off and on so if you aren't picky for the date or location i would check there. it's just a shame that actual fans miss out on gigs because of these profit greedy people and robots trying to resell tickets. best of luck to everyone.

Posted on: 2015-06-05T09:12:45+0000
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Alex Dawson

That was Ridiculous, I was refreshing this site from 8am, and Then i get put in a queue that makes me unable to get tickets? really not happy.

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:07:40+0000
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Rebecca Jump

wait they're gone? i didn't even see that they were available

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:04:25+0000
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Katie Coppin

So many disappointed fans.....

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:06:57+0000
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Florence Jordan

seetickets you are crap!!!!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:05:57+0000
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Kate Cain

Appalling method of ticket sales once again. I also have a 14 year old in tears. Venues, it's up to you to turn this around. The 1975 management, get behind it. This cannot be allowed to continue. Think about who is paying your salary. Listen to your fans, or you will be sold out in all the wrong ways

Posted on: 2015-06-05T22:00:19+0000
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Nicola Lambert

This is mad. I got on at 9.00 exactly - refreshed twice - tickets available and I was completing the order with card details to be told they have RUN OUT!! If I have got in and given you my card details why weren't the tickets being held. What have you done with my card details????? I bet these will be on Get Me In at a massive mark up in about five minutes. This is a racket and needs to be massively looked into!!! So fed up - this happens time and time again but never got to payment and then found that I have nothing!!!!!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:08:42+0000
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Dan Threader

Well done SeeTickets. Tried to get presale yesterday, was put on hold, then managed to get through to the final payment screen, only to be told that 'whilst you were entering your payment details we sold out' absolutely disgraceful service!! 2 minutes after general sale and sold out?! Guaranteed that touts bought the majority of the tickets. What a joke

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:04:05+0000
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Jenny Kreisz

I can't believe this! I was there right at 9am and no tickets available!? All i want is two tickets to Edinburgh. Refuse to support those jerks that are selling them for double the price on getmein this is crap!

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:12:14+0000
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Sandy Sellars way can they have sold out in less than a min, tried yesterday for the pre-sale...same thing!!..even said i had them and then whilst putting card details in they were gone?

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:05:25+0000
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Dylan Johnstone

i dont believe they were for sale at all!!! i had 3 different agencies loaded and ready and was on them all at 9am on the dot and not one had Edinburgh tickets available! My daughter is going to be so upset!! :(

Posted on: 2015-06-05T08:11:59+0000
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