RFM SOMNII - O Maior Sunset De Sempre! billets et dates

Plus d'informations à propos RFM SOMNII - O Maior Sunset De Sempre!

The Biggest Sunset Ever Is Back! Once again, we meet at Praia do Relógio, Figueira da Foz on July 9, 10 and 11, 2021.

This edition will feature 3 days full of emotions and surprises, which will highlight a very important element for the balance of nature: water.

Inspired by this element, Portugal's largest beach festival and one of the largest beach festivals in Europe will feature the world's best artists and the most unforgettable experiences.

RFM SOMNII has almost a decade of stories and more than 600,000 visitors have witnessed the Biggest Sunset Ever, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese coast, in the middle of the sand and with access to the sea.

For 2021, the dream goes on!

Tickets are on sale now and more news will arrive soon!

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