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  1. I Am Kloot

    I Am Kloot

    I Am Kloot are an English band formed in Manchester, in 1999 by John Bramwell (guitar/vocals), Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums).

  2. I AM LONO


  3. I Cried Wolf

    I Cried Wolf

  4. I Killed the Prom Queen

    I Killed the Prom Queen

    I Killed the Prom Queen is an Australian metalcore band which formed in 2000 with mainstays JJ Peters on drums and Jona Weinhofen on guitar. The band featured prominently on the Australia...

  5. I Set The Sea on Fire

    I Set The Sea on Fire

  6. I the Mighty

    I the Mighty

  7. I, Ludicrous

    I, Ludicrous

    I, Ludicrous is a three piece pop music ensemble, formed in South London in 1985, by John Procter (born 1957) and David Rippingale ("Will Hung") (b. 1956). The band sprang to notoriety at...

  8. IAMX


    IAMX is the solo musical project of Chris Corner, formerly of Sneaker Pimps. The lyrics are primarily concerned with subjects such as sex, sexuality, death, emotions, narcotic intoxicatio...

  9. Ian Cognito

    Ian Cognito

  10. Ian D Montford

    Ian D Montford

  11. Ian D. Montford

    Ian D. Montford

  12. Ian Hunter

    Ian Hunter

    Ian Hunter Patterson (born 3 June 1939) is an English singer-songwriter. He was the lead singer of the English rock band Mott the Hoople from its inception in 1969 to its dissolution in 1...

  13. Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

    Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

  14. Ian McNabb

    Ian McNabb

    Robert Ian McNabb (born November 3, 1960) is a British singer-songwriter and musician from Liverpool, England. He is known both for his work as leader and songwriter-in-chief of The Icicl...

  15. Ian Moss

    Ian Moss

    Ian Moss is an Australian rock musician, best known as the guitarist and occasional singer of Cold Chisel. In that group's initial ten year career, Moss recorded eight albums, three of wh...

  16. Ian Page

    Ian Page

  17. Ian Parker

    Ian Parker

  18. Ian Siegal

    Ian Siegal

    Ian Siegal (born Ian Berry, 1971) is a British blues singer and guitarist, whose style reflects the more rootsy side of the genre, drawing on influences such as Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters...

  19. Ian Sinclair

    Ian Sinclair

  20. Ibibio Sound Machine

    Ibibio Sound Machine

  21. Icarus


  22. Ice Cube

    Ice Cube

    O'Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969), better known by his stage name Ice Cube, is an African American rapper and actor. He began his career as a member of the hip-hop group C.I.A. and late...

  23. Iced Earth

    Iced Earth

    Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band from Tampa, Florida. Originally formed under the name "Purgatory" in 1984, Iced Earth has released a total of ten studio albums, one live album ...

  24. ICHi


  25. The Icicle Works

    The Icicle Works

    The Icicle Works are an English alternative rock band of the 1980s. Named after the 1960 short story "The Day the Icicle Works Closed" by science fiction author Frederik Pohl, The Icicle ...

  26. Icona Pop

    Icona Pop

  27. Ida Engberg

    Ida Engberg

  28. Ida Mae

    Ida Mae

  29. Idlewild


    Idlewild are a Scottish rock band, formed in Edinburgh, in 1995, comprising Roddy Woomble (lead vocals), Rod Jones (guitar, backing vocals), Colin Newton (drums), Allan Stewart (guitar) a...

  30. Idols Of Apathy

    Idols Of Apathy

  31. Idris Elba

    Idris Elba

    Idrissa Akuna "Idris" Elba (born 6 September 1972) is an English television, theatre, and film actor. He has starred in both British and American productions. He grew up in Canning Town, ...

  32. Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop (born James Newell "Jim" Osterberg, Jr.; April 21, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Though considered an innovator of punk rock, Pop''s music has enc...

  33. Iglooghost


  34. Igorrr


  35. Ilan Bluestone

    Ilan Bluestone

  36. Illa J

    Illa J

  37. Illyria


  38. ilovecolour


  39. Imagine Dragons

    Imagine Dragons

  40. Imarhan


  41. Immension


  42. Imperial Leisure

    Imperial Leisure

  43. Implore


  44. In Evil Hour

    In Evil Hour

  45. In Search of Sun

    In Search of Sun

  46. Ina Forsman

    Ina Forsman

  47. Incognito


  48. The Incredible Magpie Band

    The Incredible Magpie Band

  49. Indigo Velvet

    Indigo Velvet

  50. Inertia


  51. Inertia


  52. Infa Riot

    Infa Riot

  53. Ingested


  54. Inglorious


  55. Inheaven


  56. Inkubus Sukkubus

    Inkubus Sukkubus

    Inkubus Sukkubus are a British goth and pagan band formed in 1989 by Candia Ridley, Tony McKormack, and Adam Henderson.

  57. InMe


    InMe are an English alternative metal band from Brentwood, Essex, formed in 1996. To date they have released four studio albums a[][] Overgrown Eden (2003); White Butterfly (2005); Daydre...

  58. Inner City Unit

    Inner City Unit

    Inner City Unit (ICU) is a British punk/space rock band fronted by ex-Hawkwind founder Nik Turner on saxophone with Judge Trev Thoms or Steve Pond (guitar), Dead Fred (keyboards), Baz Mag...

  59. Inquisition


  60. Institute


  61. Internal Suffering

    Internal Suffering

    Internal Suffering is a technical death metal band from Pereira, Colombia. The band plays a brand of death metal with deep guttural vocals, extensive use of blast beats, frantic guitar sw...

  62. The Internet

    The Internet

  63. Intervals


  64. Into The Ark

    Into The Ark

  65. Into The Night

    Into The Night

  66. Intronaut


    Intronaut is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their style, while rooted in metal, is extremely forward-thinking and psychedelic, complete with complex polyrhythms, ...

  67. Invaderz


  68. Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

    Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

  69. IO Earth

    IO Earth

  70. Iration Steppas

    Iration Steppas

  71. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, formed in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. Since their inception, the band's discography has gr...

  72. Iron Reagan

    Iron Reagan

  73. Isaac Gracie

    Isaac Gracie

  74. Israel Nash

    Israel Nash

  75. Issues


  76. ItsNate


  77. IV


  78. Ivan Brackenbury

    Ivan Brackenbury

  79. Ivan Brackenbury

    Ivan Brackenbury

  80. Ivo Graham

    Ivo Graham

  81. Ivy Lab

    Ivy Lab

  82. Izo FitzRoy

    Izo FitzRoy

  83. Izzie Gibbs

    Izzie Gibbs



  85. Izzy Bizu

    Izzy Bizu