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  1. J Churcher

    J Churcher

  2. J Hus

    J Hus

  3. J-Felix


  4. J. Cole

    J. Cole

    Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985), better known by his stage name J. Cole, is an American rapper, singer and record producer. In 2009, he was the first artist signed to Jay-Z's...

  5. The J.B.'s

    The J.B.'s

    The J.B.''s (sometimes punctuated The JB''s or The J.B.s) were James Brown''s band during the first half of the 1970s. On record the J.B.''s were sometimes billed under various alternate ...

  6. The J.B.'s Reunion

    The J.B.'s Reunion

  7. J.D. Samson

    J.D. Samson

    JD Samson (born August 4, 1978, Cleveland, Ohio) is the stage name of Jocelyn Samson, a member of the feminist electropunk band Le Tigre. Samson grew up in the Cleveland suburb of Pepper ...

  8. Jacco Gardner

    Jacco Gardner

  9. Jack Adaptor

    Jack Adaptor

  10. Jack Garratt

    Jack Garratt

  11. Jack Harris

    Jack Harris

    Jack Harris (born 1986) is a Welsh born folk singer-songwriter, musician, and poet. He is multi-award winning, most notably the The 2005 New Folk Competition at Kerrville Folk Festival, t...

  12. Jack n Danny

    Jack n Danny

  13. Jack Pack

    Jack Pack

  14. Jack Savoretti

    Jack Savoretti

    Jack Savoretti (born 10 October 1983) is an Italian English solo acoustic singer who didn't pick up a guitar until he was 16. He was brought up in London before moving to Lugano, a Swiss ...



  16. Jack Ü

    Jack Ü

  17. Jackals Rose

    Jackals Rose

  18. Jackaman


  19. Jackie Oates Trio

    Jackie Oates Trio

  20. Jackmaster


  21. Jackmaster B2B Gerd Janson

    Jackmaster B2B Gerd Janson

  22. Jacko Hooper

    Jacko Hooper

  23. The Jackobins

    The Jackobins

  24. Jacob Collier

    Jacob Collier

  25. The Jacques

    The Jacques

  26. Jacques Renault

    Jacques Renault

  27. Jaded


  28. Jaga Jazzist

    Jaga Jazzist

    Jaga Jazzist (also known as Jaga) is an experimental jazz band from Norway that rose to prominence when the BBC named their first album, A Livingroom Hush (Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune...

  29. Jaguar Skills

    Jaguar Skills

    Jaguar Skills is a British DJ who has gained notoriety since 2002 for his eclectic 'Mash it up like Y.B' style mixtapes. Jaguar Skills has released a number of mixtapes through various ou...

  30. Jagwar Ma

    Jagwar Ma

  31. Jah Shaka

    Jah Shaka

    Jah Shaka has been operating a South East London-based, roots reggae Jamaican sound system since the early 1970s. His name is an amalgamation of the Rastafarian term for God and that of a...

  32. Jahkoy


  33. Jake Bugg

    Jake Bugg

  34. Jake Burns

    Jake Burns

    Jake Burns (born John Burns, 21 February 1958, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a singer and guitarist, and is best known as the frontman of Stiff Little Fingers.

  35. Jake Quickenden

    Jake Quickenden

  36. Jake Sims

    Jake Sims

  37. Jakkin Rabbit

    Jakkin Rabbit

  38. The Jam

    The Jam

    The Jam were an English punk rock/New Wave/mod revival band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were formed in Woking, Surrey. While they shared the "angry young men" outlo...

  39. The Jam DRC

    The Jam DRC

  40. James


    James are a British rock band from Manchester, England. They formed in 1982 and were active throughout the 1980s, but most successful during the 1990s. Their hit singles include "Come Hom...

  41. James Acaster

    James Acaster

  42. James Bay

    James Bay

  43. James Blake

    James Blake

    James Blake is an English electronic music producer and singer-songwriter from London. On 6 January 2011, Blake was announced as runner-up in BBC's Sound of 2011 poll. His eponymous debut...

  44. James Brown

    James Brown

    James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933┬áÔ[][] December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. He is the originator of Funk music and is a major figure of 2...

  45. James Burton

    James Burton

    James Burton (born August 21, 1939, in Dubberly, Louisiana) is an American guitarist. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2001 (his induction speech was given by longtime fan...

  46. James Canty

    James Canty

    James Canty is a Brooklyn, New York-based multi-instrumentalist musician from Washington, D.C. Canty is the younger brother of Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and writer Kevin Canty. Canty ...

  47. James Dickson

    James Dickson

  48. James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band

    James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band

  49. James Hunter

    James Hunter

    James Hunter (born 2 October 1962, Colchester, Essex) is a Grammy Award-nominated English R&B musician and soul singer.

  50. The James Hunter Six

    The James Hunter Six

  51. James Leg

    James Leg

  52. James Morrison

    James Morrison

    James Morrison (born James Morrison Catchpole; 13 August 1984) is a BRIT Award-winning English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Rugby, Warwickshire. In 2006, his debut single "You Giv...

  53. James Rhodes

    James Rhodes

    James Rhodes (born 6 March 1975 in London) is a British classical pianist.

  54. James Vincent McMorrow

    James Vincent McMorrow

    James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish folk music singer-songwriter. His debut album Early in the Morning was released in February, 2010. He wrote the album during a self-imposed seclusion in...

  55. Jamie Isaac

    Jamie Isaac

  56. Jamie Jones

    Jamie Jones

  57. Jamie Lawson

    Jamie Lawson

  58. Jamie Roy

    Jamie Roy

  59. Jamie Sutherland

    Jamie Sutherland

  60. Jamie Woon

    Jamie Woon

    Jamie Woon (born March 29, 1983) is a British singer, songwriter and producer signed to Polydor who gained widespread acclaim in 2010 for his single Night Air which was co-produced by Bur...

  61. Jamie xx

    Jamie xx

    Jamie Smith (known by the stage name Jamie xx) is an English music producer and remix artist, who gained fame both as solo act and as a member of the London-based band The xx. Smith's mu...

  62. Jan Bang

    Jan Bang

  63. Jan Garbarek Group

    Jan Garbarek Group

  64. Jane Fitz

    Jane Fitz

  65. Jane McDonald

    Jane McDonald

    Jane McDonald (born 4 April 1963) is a British singer, actress and media personality and broadcaster, who first became famous following her appearance on the BBC docusoap The Cruise. Know...

  66. Jane Parkinson

    Jane Parkinson

  67. Jane Siberry

    Jane Siberry

    Jane Siberry, born October 12, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, known for such hits as "Mimi on the Beach", "I Muse Aloud", "One More Colour" and "Calling All An...

  68. Jane's Addiction

    Jane's Addiction

    Jane's Addiction is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985. The band's original line-up featured Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar), Eric Avery (bass) ...

  69. Janet Devlin

    Janet Devlin

  70. Janet Kay

    Janet Kay

    Janet Kay (born Janet Kay Bogle, 17 January 1958, London) is an English singer of Jamaican parentage, best known for her lovers rock songs of the late 1970s - "Silly Games" and a cover of...

  71. Janey Godley

    Janey Godley

  72. Janne Westerlund

    Janne Westerlund

  73. Janusz Prusinowski

    Janusz Prusinowski

  74. Japanese Breakfast

    Japanese Breakfast

  75. The Japanese House

    The Japanese House

  76. The Jar Family

    The Jar Family

  77. Jarbird


  78. Jared James Nicholas

    Jared James Nicholas

  79. Jared James Nichols

    Jared James Nichols

  80. Jarred Christmas

    Jarred Christmas

  81. Jason Bowld

    Jason Bowld

  82. Jason Bye

    Jason Bye

  83. Jason Byrne

    Jason Byrne

  84. Jason Derulo

    Jason Derulo

    Jason Joel Desrouleaux (born September 21, 1989), better known by his stage name Jason Der├╝lo, is an American singer-songwriter, actor and dancer. After producing records for several art...

  85. Jason Donovan

    Jason Donovan

    Jason ''Jack'' Donovan (born 1 June 1968) is an Australian actor and singer. He initially achieved fame in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, before beginning a career in music in 1988...

  86. Jason Manford

    Jason Manford

    Jason John Manford (born 26 May 1981) is an English comedian, television presenter and actor.

  87. Jasper James

    Jasper James

  88. Jauz






  91. The Jayhawks

    The Jayhawks

    The Jayhawks are an American alternative country and rock band that emerged from the Twin Cities music scene during the mid 1980s. Their country rock sound was influential on many bands w...

  92. Jazz Jamaica All Stars

    Jazz Jamaica All Stars

  93. Jazz Voice

    Jazz Voice

  94. Jazz Warriors

    Jazz Warriors

    The Jazz Warriors were an all-black London-based group of jazz musicians that made their debut in 1986. The idea for the band came from the Abibi Jazz Arts - a London organization that pr...

  95. Jazzie B

    Jazzie B

    Trevor Beresford Romeo OBE (born 26 January 1963), better known by his stage name Jazzie B, is a British DJ, music producer, and entrepreneur. He is a founding member of Soul II Soul.

  96. The JB Conspiracy

    The JB Conspiracy

  97. The JB Horns

    The JB Horns

  98. Jean Michel Jarre

    Jean Michel Jarre

    Jean Michel Andr├® Jarre (born 24 August 1948) is a French composer, performer and music producer. He is a pioneer in the electronic, ambient and New Age genres, and known as an organiser...

  99. Jeb Loy Nichols

    Jeb Loy Nichols

    Jeb Loy Nichols is an American-born singer, songwriter, musician, and artist currently living in Wales. His music combines elements of soul, country, folk, reggae and blues.

  100. Jeff Mills

    Jeff Mills

    Jeff Mills (born 18 June 1963 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American techno DJ and producer.

  101. Jellybean Martinez

    Jellybean Martinez

  102. Jemmy


  103. Jen Kirkman

    Jen Kirkman

  104. Jenny Eclair

    Jenny Eclair

  105. Jenny Hval

    Jenny Hval

  106. Jens Kuross

    Jens Kuross

  107. The Jeremiahs

    The Jeremiahs

  108. Jeremih


    Jeremih Felton (born July 17, 1987), who performs under the mononym Jeremih, is an American recording artist and producer signed to Def Jam Recordings. Jeremih's debut single, "Birthday S...

  109. Jeremy Hardy

    Jeremy Hardy

  110. Jeremy Loops

    Jeremy Loops

  111. Jeremy Underground

    Jeremy Underground

  112. Jerry Dammers

    Jerry Dammers

    Jeremy David Hounsell "Jerry" Dammers (born 22 May 1955) is a British musician who is a founder and keyboard player of the Coventry, England based ska revival band The Specials, The Speci...

  113. Jerry Donahue

    Jerry Donahue

    Jerry Donahue (born September 24, 1946, Manhattan, New York City) is an American guitarist and producer primarily known for his work in the British folk rock scene as a member of Fotherin...

  114. Jerry Sadowitz

    Jerry Sadowitz

  115. Jess Glynne

    Jess Glynne

  116. Jess Morgan

    Jess Morgan

  117. Jessarae


  118. Jesse Malin

    Jesse Malin

    Jesse Malin (born January 26, 1968 in Whitestone, Queens, New York, U.S.) is a rock musician. He has played with Heart Attack and D Generation. He is currently a solo recording artist.

  119. Jesse Royal

    Jesse Royal

  120. Jessy Lanza

    Jessy Lanza

  121. Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

    Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

  122. Jesus Jones

    Jesus Jones

    Jesus Jones are a British alternative dance band. The Wiltshire-based group, formed in late 1988, recorded and performed in the late 1980s, throughout the 1990s, and into the 2000s. They ...

  123. Jethro


  124. JFA


    JFA (Jodie Foster''s Army) is a hardcore punk band formed in 1981, with roots in Arizona and in Southern California skateboard culture. The original members include Brian Brannon (vocals)...

  125. JFB


  126. Jill Scott

    Jill Scott

    Jill Scott (born April 4, 1972) is an American soul and R&B singer-songwriter, poet, and actress. In 2007, Scott made her cinematic debut in the films Hounddog (as Big Mama Thornton) and ...

  127. Jilted Generation

    Jilted Generation

  128. Jim Blair

    Jim Blair

  129. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

  130. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    Jim Bob is the stage name for James Morrison, the London born writer and musician best known as the singer of indie punk band Carter USM.

  131. Jim Causley

    Jim Causley

    Jim Causley (born 31 October 1980, Exeter) is an English folk singer, songwriter, and musician from Whimple, East Devon, England.

  132. Jim Evans

    Jim Evans

  133. Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind

    Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind

  134. Jimbo Mathus

    Jimbo Mathus

  135. Jimeoin


  136. Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix

    James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 Ô[][] September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. He is widely considered to be the gr...

  137. Jimmy Carr

    Jimmy Carr

    James Anthony Patrick "Jimmy" Carr (born 15 September 1972) is an English-Irish comedian and humourist. He is known for his deadpan delivery, dark humour and sometimes his use of one-line...

  138. Jimmy Somerville

    Jimmy Somerville

    James William Somerville (born 22 June 1961) is a Scottish pop singer and songwriter. He had considerable success in the 1980s with the pop groups Bronski Beat and The Communards, and has...

  139. Jimmy Webb

    Jimmy Webb

    Jimmy Webb (born August 15, 1946) is an American songwriter, composer, and singer. He wrote numerous platinum selling classics, including "Up, Up and Away", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"...

  140. The Jive Aces

    The Jive Aces

    The Jive Aces, winners of BBC TV's Opportunity Knocks, formed in 1989. They are a six-piece UK based, high energy, jive and swing band, who have many albums and singles to their name, and...

  141. JJ Grey & Mofro

    JJ Grey & Mofro

  142. JMSN


  143. Jo Harman

    Jo Harman

  144. Jo Harman & Company

    Jo Harman & Company

  145. Jo Rose

    Jo Rose

  146. Joanna Gruesome

    Joanna Gruesome

  147. Joanna Simon

    Joanna Simon

    Joanna Simon is a British author and wine journalist known for her column in The Sunday Times from 1987 to 2009. She has also columns in Style Magazine, has previously worked as editor of...

  148. Joanne Robertson

    Joanne Robertson

  149. Joanne Shaw Taylor

    Joanne Shaw Taylor

  150. JOANovARC


  151. Jocelyn Brown

    Jocelyn Brown

    Jocelyn Lorette Brown (born November 25, 1950, Kinston, North Carolina, sometimes credited as Jocelyn Shaw) is an American R&B and dance music singer. Although she has only one Billboard ...

  152. Jodie Abacus

    Jodie Abacus

  153. Joe Bonamassa

    Joe Bonamassa

    Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues rock guitarist and singer.

  154. Joe Burns

    Joe Burns

  155. Joe Claussell

    Joe Claussell

    Joaquin "Joke Laws-L" Claussell is a New York DJ, music producer, record label owner and former manager of Dance Trax record shop then based in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City,...

  156. Joe Driscoll

    Joe Driscoll

  157. Joe Goddard

    Joe Goddard

  158. Joe Henry

    Joe Henry

    Joseph Lee "Joe" Henry (born 1960) is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Henry's musical style spans several genres, including alt. country, rock, jazz and folk.

  159. Joe Kelly

    Joe Kelly

  160. Joe Longthorne

    Joe Longthorne

    Joe Longthorne (born Joseph Patrick Longthorne, 31 May 1955, Hull) is an English singer of Romani ethnicity, who has performed in several Royal Variety Performances.

  161. Joe Louis Walker

    Joe Louis Walker

    Joe Louis Walker, also known as JLW (born December 25, 1949) is an American musician, best known as a electric blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. A feature of his work is h...

  162. Joe Louis Walker And The Boss Talkers

    Joe Louis Walker And The Boss Talkers

  163. Joe Lycett

    Joe Lycett

  164. Joe McElderry

    Joe McElderry

    Joseph "Joe" McElderry (born 16 June 1991) is an English singer and model. He won the sixth series of the ITV show The X Factor in 2009. His first single "The Climb" reached number one on...

  165. Joe McSloy

    Joe McSloy

  166. Joe Miles

    Joe Miles

  167. Joe Stilgoe

    Joe Stilgoe

  168. Joe Waller

    Joe Waller

  169. Joel Dommett

    Joel Dommett

  170. Joey Bada$$

    Joey Bada$$

  171. Joey Collins

    Joey Collins

  172. Joey Devries

    Joey Devries

  173. Joey Negro

    Joey Negro

    Dave Lee (born June 18, 1964) is a British DJ and house music producer, also known by the stage name Joey Negro. Lee was born on the Isle of Wight. He has released music under a variety o...

  174. John Andrews

    John Andrews

  175. John Bramwell

    John Bramwell

  176. John Carpenter

    John Carpenter

    John Howard Carpenter (born January 16, 1948) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, composer, and occasional actor. Although Carpenter has worked in numerous film ...

  177. John Coffey

    John Coffey

  178. John Coghlan

    John Coghlan

  179. John Coltrane

    John Coltrane

    John William Coltrane (also known as "Trane"; September 23, 1926┬áÔ[][] July 17, 1967) was an American jazz saxophonist and composer. Working in the bebop and hard bop idioms early in his...

  180. John Cooper Clarke

    John Cooper Clarke

    John Cooper Clarke (born 25 January 1949) is an English performance poet who first became famous during the punk rock era of the late 1970s when he became known as a "punk poet". He relea...

  181. John Fairhurst

    John Fairhurst

  182. John Grant

    John Grant

  183. John Grant

    John Grant

    John Grant is an American singer-songwriter. He recently launched his career as a solo artist, having previously been lead vocalist with The Czars, an alternative rock band he formed in 1...

  184. John Hastings

    John Hastings

  185. John Joseph Brill

    John Joseph Brill

  186. John Kearns

    John Kearns

  187. John Kelly

    John Kelly

  188. John Lees' Barclay James Harvest

    John Lees' Barclay James Harvest

  189. John Locke

    John Locke

    John Tilden Locke (born September 25, 1943 Los Angeles, California - died August 4, 2006 Ojai, California) was an American rock keyboardist and a member of the rock group Spirit. Locke wa...

  190. John Maher

    John Maher

  191. John Maher

    John Maher

  192. John Moloney

    John Moloney

  193. John Moreland

    John Moreland

  194. John Murry

    John Murry

  195. John Newman

    John Newman

  196. John O'Callaghan

    John O'Callaghan

  197. John O'Connell

    John O'Connell

  198. John Otway

    John Otway

    John Otway, (born 2 October 1952, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England) is an English singer-songwriter, who has built a sizeable cult audience through extensive touring, a surreal sense o...

  199. John Otway & Band

    John Otway & Band

  200. John Otway and The Big Band

    John Otway and The Big Band

  201. John Player Specials

    John Player Specials

  202. John Poole

    John Poole

  203. John Power

    John Power

    John Power may refer to:

  204. John Robins

    John Robins

  205. John Ryan

    John Ryan

  206. John Shuttleworth

    John Shuttleworth

  207. John Talabot

    John Talabot

  208. John Verity Band

    John Verity Band

  209. John Young

    John Young

  210. John Young

    John Young

  211. Johnny Campbell

    Johnny Campbell

  212. Johnny Dowd

    Johnny Dowd

    Johnny Dowd (born March 29, 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas) is an American alternative country musician from Ithaca, New York. Typical of his style are experimental, noisy breaks in his songs ...

  213. Johnny Foreigner

    Johnny Foreigner

    Johnny Foreigner are an indie rock trio from Birmingham, England, consisting of guitarist/lead vocalist Alexei Berrow, drummer Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and bassist Kelly Southern. ...

  214. Johnny Guitar

    Johnny Guitar

  215. Johnny Hates Jazz

    Johnny Hates Jazz

    Johnny Hates Jazz is an Anglo-American Pop/Rock band, formed in 1986 by Clark Datchler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Mike Nocito (bass, guitar), and Calvin Hayes (keyboards, drums). In Apr...

  216. Johnny Marr

    Johnny Marr

    Johnny Marr (born John Martin Maher; 31 October 1963) is an English musician and songwriter. Marr rose to fame in the 1980s as the guitarist in The Smiths, with whom he formed a prolific ...

  217. Johnny Moped

    Johnny Moped

    Johnny Moped were a mid 1970s English punk rock group from south London, who once had Chrissie Hynde (later of The Pretenders) and Captain Sensible (later of The Damned) within their ranks.

  218. Johnny Seven

    Johnny Seven

  219. The Johnsons

    The Johnsons

  220. Jojo Desmond

    Jojo Desmond

  221. Jolanga


  222. Jon Boden

    Jon Boden

    Jon Boden (born 1977) is an multi-instrumental musician and English folk singer.

  223. Jon DaSilva

    Jon DaSilva

  224. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe

  225. Jon Hart

    Jon Hart

  226. Jon Mahon

    Jon Mahon

  227. Jon Richardson

    Jon Richardson

  228. Jon Sevink

    Jon Sevink

  229. Jonas Rathsman

    Jonas Rathsman

  230. Jonathan Mayor

    Jonathan Mayor

  231. Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson

  232. JONES


  233. Jones


  234. The Jones Gang

    The Jones Gang

  235. Jonny Trunk

    Jonny Trunk

  236. Jools Holland

    Jools Holland

    Julian Miles "Jools" Holland OBE, DL (born 24 January 1958) is an English pianist, bandleader, singer, composer, and television presenter. He was a founder of the band Squeeze (1974-1980 ...



  238. Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

    Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

  239. Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

    Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

  240. Jordan Mackampa

    Jordan Mackampa

  241. Jordan Peak

    Jordan Peak

  242. Jordan Rakei

    Jordan Rakei

  243. Joris Voorn

    Joris Voorn

    Joris Voorn (25 February 1977, Moergestel) is a Dutch DJ who currently resides in Amsterdam. Amongst being a renowned DJ, Joris is a graduate in architecture. Joris is the co-owner of the...

  244. Jorja Smith

    Jorja Smith

  245. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez

  246. Josef Salvat

    Josef Salvat

  247. Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

    Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

  248. Joseph


  249. Joseph Capriati

    Joseph Capriati

  250. Josey Rebelle

    Josey Rebelle