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  1. T Williams

    T Williams

  2. T'Pau


  3. T. Williams

    T. Williams

  4. T.O.Y.S.


  5. T.Rextasy


  6. Ta-ku


  7. Tacocat


  8. Tail Feather

    Tail Feather

  9. Taiwan MC

    Taiwan MC

  10. Take That

    Take That

    Take That are an English five-piece vocal pop group comprising Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. Barlow acts as the lead singer and primary songwrit...

  11. Taken by the Tide

    Taken by the Tide

  12. Talco


    Talco is an Italian ska punk and alternative band from Marghera, Venice. Musically the group combines the horns and rhythms of ska-punk with Italian folk music. Their lyrics reflect the b...

  13. Tale of Us

    Tale of Us

  14. Tales of Murder and Dust

    Tales of Murder and Dust

  15. Talisman


  16. Tama Sumo

    Tama Sumo

  17. Tame Impala

    Tame Impala

    Tame Impala is the psychedelic rock project of Kevin Parker from Perth, Australia. They are signed to Modular Records. The band came to prominence in 2010 with the release of their debut ...

  18. Tamu Massif

    Tamu Massif

  19. Tangerines


  20. Tankus the Henge

    Tankus the Henge

  21. Tanya Morgan

    Tanya Morgan

    Tanya Morgan is an American hip hop group from which consists of MCs Donwill and Ilyas, and MC/producer Von Pea. Both Donwill and Ilyas are from Cincinnati, Ohio, while Von Pea is from Br...

  22. Tanya Stephens

    Tanya Stephens

    Vivienne Tanya Stephens, better known by her stage name Tanya Stephens (born 2 July 1973, Kingston, Jamaica) is an influential reggae artist who emerged in the late 1990s. Stephens is mos...

  23. Tanya Stephens & Kc Jockey

    Tanya Stephens & Kc Jockey

  24. Tanya Stephens (Produced by Bobby Dixon for Digita

    Tanya Stephens (Produced by Bobby Dixon for Digita

  25. Tanyalee Davis

    Tanyalee Davis

  26. Target:Renegades


  27. Tarja


    Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli (born Augustá17,á1977) is a Finnish singer-songwriter and composer. She is a full lyric soprano and has a vocal range of three octaves. Turunen studi...

  28. Tau


  29. Tav Falco

    Tav Falco

  30. Tav Falco's Panther Burns

    Tav Falco's Panther Burns

    Tav Falco's Panther Burns, sometimes shortened to (The) Panther Burns, is a rock band originally from Memphis, Tennessee, United States, led by Tav Falco. They are best known for having b...

  31. Tax the Heat

    Tax the Heat

  32. Taya


  33. TCB


  34. Tchami


  35. Ted Chippington

    Ted Chippington

  36. Teddy Thompson

    Teddy Thompson

    Teddy Thompson (born 19 February 1976) is a British folk and rock musician. He is the son of folk-rock musicians Richard and Linda Thompson and brother of singer Kamila Thompson. He relea...

  37. Teen Canteen

    Teen Canteen

  38. Teenage Fanclub

    Teenage Fanclub

    Teenage Fanclub are an alternative rock band from Bellshill, Scotland. The band is composed of Norman Blake (vocals, guitar), Raymond McGinley (vocals, lead guitar), Gerard Love (vocals, ...

  39. Tegan and Sara

    Tegan and Sara

    Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie band composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin (born September 19, 1980). Both Tegan and Sara play guitar and keyboard ...

  40. Tehbis


  41. Teho Teardo

    Teho Teardo

  42. Telegram


  43. Teleman


  44. Telepathy


  45. Television


    Television was an American rock band, formed in New York City in 1973. They are best known for the album Marquee Moon and widely regarded as one of the founders of "punk" and New Wave mus...

  46. Tellison


  47. Tempesst


  48. Temples


  49. Templeton Pek

    Templeton Pek

  50. Ten Fe

    Ten Fe

  51. Ten Story

    Ten Story

  52. Terri Lyne Carrington

    Terri Lyne Carrington

    Terri Lyne Carrington (born 1965 in Medford, Massachusetts) is a jazz drummer, composer, record producer and entrepreneur. She has played with jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Cla...

  53. Terrorvision


    Terrorvision are an English rock band. They were formed in 1987 (originally as The Spoilt Bratz) in Keighley, and initially disbanded in 2001. The band used Bradford as a base after the n...

  54. Terrorvision


  55. Terry & Gerry

    Terry & Gerry

  56. Terry Alderton

    Terry Alderton

  57. Terry Francis

    Terry Francis

    Terry Francis (born 28 July 1966) is a British Tech House DJ and producer. Francis won Muzik Magazine's "Best New DJ" award in 1997. In October 1999, at the club's inception, he started a...



  59. Terry Reid

    Terry Reid

    Terry Reid (born 13 November 1949, Huntingdon, England) is an English rock vocalist and guitarist. He has performed with high profile musicians, as a supporting act, a session musician, a...

  60. TesseracT


  61. Testament


    Whether evoking images of a barren post-apocalyptic landscape or extolling the virtues of the nature's ultimate might, thunderous prophecy shrouded in monolithic, overwhelming musical pow...

  62. Thank You For The Music

    Thank You For The Music

  63. The 1975

    The 1975

  64. The Abigails

    The Abigails

  65. The Afternoon Gentlemen

    The Afternoon Gentlemen

  66. The Ainsley Band

    The Ainsley Band

  67. The Alarm

    The Alarm

    The Alarm are an alternative rock band that emerged from North Wales in the late 1970s. They started as a mod band and stayed together for over ten years. As a rock band, they displayed m...

  68. The Albion Christmas Band

    The Albion Christmas Band

    The Albion Band, also known as The Albion Country Band and The Albion Dance Band, were an English electric folk band, brought together and led by musician Ashley Hutchings. Generally cons...

  69. The Algorithm

    The Algorithm

  70. The Allergies

    The Allergies

  71. The Amazons

    The Amazons

  72. The Amity Affliction

    The Amity Affliction

    The Amity Affliction is an Australian post-hardcore band from Gympie, Queensland formed in 2002. The band's current line-up is Joel Birch (lead vocals), Ahren Stringer (bass, clean vocal...

  73. The Amorettes

    The Amorettes

  74. The Anchoress

    The Anchoress

  75. The Animals

    The Animals

    The Animals were an English music group of the 1960s formed in Newcastle upon Tyne during the early part of the decade, and later relocated to London. The Animals were known for their gri...

  76. The Animals and Friends

    The Animals and Friends

  77. The Answer

    The Answer

    The Answer are a Northern Irish hard rock and blues-rock band from Newcastle and Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland. They have achieved success with their debut album Rise selling...

  78. The Apples

    The Apples

    The band The Apples (Hebrew: Î[]άÎñÎ[]Î[]Î[]ÎØ, ┬á{{{2}}} ┬á{{{3}}}) is an Israeli Funk nine piece - including a drummer, bassist, 4 brass, 2 DJs and a sound console operator. The Apples...

  79. The Appleseed Cast

    The Appleseed Cast

    The Appleseed Cast is an American emo/post-rock band based in Lawrence, Kansas, United States, composed of singer/guitarist Christopher Crisci, guitarist Aaron Pillar, bassist Nathan Whit...

  80. The Arlenes

    The Arlenes

  81. The Arteries

    The Arteries

  82. The Artful Dodger

    The Artful Dodger

    Artful Dodger is a British R&B and UK garage band from the city of Southampton, which became famous through its 2-Step hits, and gave Craig David's career a boost after he appeared on the...

  83. The Assist

    The Assist

  84. The Atlantics

    The Atlantics

    This article refers to the Australian Surf rock band. See paragraph at the end of this page for information on other bands called The Atlantics. The Atlantics are an Australian surf rock...

  85. The Audacity

    The Audacity

  86. The Australian Pink Floyd Show

    The Australian Pink Floyd Show

  87. The Avalanches

    The Avalanches

    The Avalanches are an Australian electronic music group formed in 1997 with mainstays Robbie Chater on keyboards, Tony Diblasi on keyboards, bass and backing vocals, and Darren Seltmann o...

  88. The Avener

    The Avener

  89. The Avett Brothers

    The Avett Brothers

  90. The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus are a jazz trio from the United States, consisting of pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson, and drummer Dave King, originating from Minneapolis, MN.

  91. The Baghdaddies

    The Baghdaddies

  92. The Banyans

    The Banyans

  93. The Bayonettes

    The Bayonettes

  94. The Beat

    The Beat

    The Beat (known in North America as The English Beat) are a 2 Tone ska revival band founded in England in 1978. Their songs fuse ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock, and their lyrics dea...

  95. The Beatbox Collective

    The Beatbox Collective

  96. The BellRays

    The BellRays

    The Bellrays (also capitalized as The BellRays) are an American group that combines garage rock music with soul singing styles. The band consists of Lisa Kekaula (vocals), Bob Vennum (gui...

  97. The Bennies

    The Bennies

  98. The Besnard Lakes

    The Besnard Lakes

    The Besnard Lakes are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, two of their three albums have b...

  99. The Bevis Frond

    The Bevis Frond

    The Bevis Frond is a British musical group whose range covers hard edge to melancholy vintage indie rock to poetic, "classic-rock" songcraft with a thick Walthamstow accent. Nick Saloman ...

  100. The Bible

    The Bible

    The Bible are an English rock band. The band released two critically acclaimed albums in the mid 1980s and are best known for the independent chart hits "Graceland" and "Mahalia". Lead si...

  101. The Big Figure

    The Big Figure

  102. The Big Moon

    The Big Moon

  103. The Big Moon

    The Big Moon

  104. The Birthday Massacre

    The Birthday Massacre

    The Birthday Massacre (often identified using the abbreviation TBM) is a synthrock band, based in Toronto, Canada. The band formed in 1999, known then as Imagica. This name was borrowed f...

  105. The Black Delta Movement

    The Black Delta Movement

  106. The Black Heart Rebellion

    The Black Heart Rebellion

  107. The Black Madonna

    The Black Madonna

  108. The Black Tambourines

    The Black Tambourines

  109. The Blank Tapes

    The Blank Tapes

  110. The Blockheads

    The Blockheads

  111. The Blow Monkeys

    The Blow Monkeys

    The Blow Monkeys are a British New Wave band that formed in 1981 as a New Wave-oriented act. The first single, "Live Today Love Tomorrow" was released in 1982. They subsequently recorded ...

  112. The Blow Monkeys & Dr. Robert

    The Blow Monkeys & Dr. Robert

  113. The Blues Band

    The Blues Band

    The Blues Band is a British blues band formed in 1979 by Paul Jones, former lead vocalist and harmonica player with Manfred Mann, and vocalist/slide guitarist Dave Kelly, who had previous...

  114. The Bluetones

    The Bluetones

    The Bluetones were an English indie rock band, formed in Hounslow, Greater London, in 1993. The band''s members were Mark Morriss on vocals, Adam Devlin on guitar, Scott Morriss on bass g...

  115. The Bodies

    The Bodies

  116. The Bodysnatchers

    The Bodysnatchers

    The Bodysnatchers were a seven-piece all-female band involved in the British 2 Tone ska revival of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

  117. The Bohemians

    The Bohemians

  118. The Bon Jovi Experience

    The Bon Jovi Experience

  119. The Bongolian

    The Bongolian

  120. The Boomtown Rats

    The Boomtown Rats

    The Boomtown Rats were an Irish punk rock band that had a series of Irish and UK hits between 1977 and 1985. They were led by vocalist Bob Geldof.

  121. The Bootleg Beatles

    The Bootleg Beatles

  122. The Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line

  123. The Bowie Experience

    The Bowie Experience

  124. The Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Rebellion is an international indie band formed in London, United Kingdom around 2001, consisting of Tennessee-native Nathan Nicholson (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Australian To...

  125. The Boy With Tape On His Face

    The Boy With Tape On His Face

  126. The Brand New Heavies

    The Brand New Heavies

    The Brand New Heavies are an acid jazz and funk group formed in 1985 in Ealing, a suburb of London, England.

  127. The Brew

    The Brew

    The-Brew is a British blues and rock band consisting of a father, his son and another child. They were voted "best band" 2006/7 by "its only Rock & Roll" magazine (the magazine of the rol...

  128. The Bronx

    The Bronx

    The Bronx is an American hardcore punk band from Los Angeles formed in 2002. The band's current lineup consists of vocalist Matt Caughthran, guitarists Joby J. Ford and Ken Horne, bass gu...

  129. The Browning

    The Browning

  130. The Buffalo Skinners

    The Buffalo Skinners

  131. The Bulletproof Bomb

    The Bulletproof Bomb

  132. The Burning Crows

    The Burning Crows

  133. The Burning Hell

    The Burning Hell

  134. The Busy Twist

    The Busy Twist

  135. The Cadillac Three

    The Cadillac Three

  136. The Capital

    The Capital

  137. The Carnabys

    The Carnabys

  138. The Casualties

    The Casualties

    The Casualties are an American street punk band from New York City,[citation needed] formed in 1990.

  139. The Chainsmokers

    The Chainsmokers

  140. The Chameleons

    The Chameleons

    The Chameleons (called The Chameleons UK on some American releases) were an English post-punk band that formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester, England in 1981. They consisted of singer ...

  141. The Charlatans

    The Charlatans

    The Charlatans (known in the United States as The Charlatans UK) are an English alternative rock band. The band's line-up currently comprises Tim Burgess (vocals), Mark Collins (guitar), ...

  142. The Charm The Fury

    The Charm The Fury

  143. The Chase

    The Chase

  144. The Chemical Brothers

    The Chemical Brothers

    The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic music duo comprising Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. Originating in Manchester in 1991, along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method,...

  145. The Chills

    The Chills

    The Chills are a guitar and keyboard-based rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand. In the 1980s and 1990s, they were one of the proponents of the Dunedin Sound.

  146. The Chords

    The Chords

    The Chords are a 1970s British pop music group, commonly associated with the 1970s mod revival, who had several hits in their homeland, before the decline of the trend brought about their...

  147. The Christians

    The Christians

    The Christians are a musical ensemble from Liverpool, England, who had several UK and international chart hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  148. The Church

    The Church

    The Church is an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1980. Initially associated with new wave and the neo-psychedelic sound of the mid 1980s, their music later became more reminiscen...

  149. The Cinematic Orchestra

    The Cinematic Orchestra

    The Cinematic Orchestra is a British jazz and electronic outfit, created in 1997 by Jason Swinscoe. The band is signed to Ninja Tune independent record label. In addition to Swinscoe, the...

  150. The Claramassa

    The Claramassa

  151. The Clone Roses

    The Clone Roses

  152. The Coal Porters

    The Coal Porters

    The Coal Porters are a British-American bluegrass band headquartered in London and led by Sid Griffin (mandolin, autoharp, harmonica and vocals) and Neil Robert Herd (guitar and vocals) T...

  153. The Coathangers

    The Coathangers

  154. The Comet Is Coming

    The Comet Is Coming

  155. The Common Linnets

    The Common Linnets

  156. The Complete Stone Roses

    The Complete Stone Roses

  157. The Complete Stone Roses

    The Complete Stone Roses

  158. The Compozers

    The Compozers

  159. The Computers

    The Computers

  160. The Computers

    The Computers

  161. The Congo Faith Healers

    The Congo Faith Healers

  162. The Cookers

    The Cookers

  163. The Coral

    The Coral

    The Coral are an English band formed in 1996 in Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula in England. The band first emerged during the early 2000s (decade) and found success with their debut album...

  164. The Correspondents

    The Correspondents

  165. The Corrs

    The Corrs

    The Corrs (who once considered going by the name Cosmic Egg)are an Irish band which combine pop rock with traditional Celtic folk music. The brother and sisters are from Dundalk, Ireland....

  166. The Counterfeit Stones

    The Counterfeit Stones

  167. The Courteeners

    The Courteeners

    The Courteeners are a rock band formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester, England in 2006 by Liam Fray (guitar/vocals), Michael Campbell (drums/backing vocals), Daniel Conan Moores (Guitar...

  168. The Cravats

    The Cravats

    The Cravats are a punk rock band originally from Redditch, England, founded in 1977 by Robin Dallaway (vocals, guitar) and The Shend (bass, vocals). Further members were Svor Naan (real n...

  169. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

    The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

    The Crazy World of Arthur Brown were an English psychedelic rock band formed by singer Arthur Brown in 1967.

  170. The Cribs

    The Cribs

    The Cribs are an English three-piece indie rock band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The band consists of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman. They were subse...

  171. The Crooked Kings

    The Crooked Kings

  172. The Cult Of Dom Keller

    The Cult Of Dom Keller

  173. The Cure

    The Cure

    The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with frontman, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Rob...

  174. The Damned

    The Damned

    The Damned are an English gothic punk band formed in London in 1976. They were the first punk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single ("New Rose"), an album (Damned Damned D...

  175. The Damned

    The Damned

  176. The Dandy Warhols

    The Dandy Warhols

    The Dandy Warhols are an American alternative rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1994. The band was founded by singer-guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor and guitarist Peter Holmstr├Âm,...

  177. The Darkness

    The Darkness

    The Darkness are a British glam rock band from Lowestoft, Suffolk, formed in 2000. The band consists of Justin Hawkins (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Dan Hawkins (guitar, backing voca...

  178. The Darling Buds

    The Darling Buds

    The Darling Buds were an indie band from Newport, South Wales. The band formed in 1986 and were named after the H. E. Bates novel The Darling Buds of May Ô[][] a title taken in turn, from...

  179. The Dead Daisies

    The Dead Daisies



  181. The Decoy

    The Decoy

  182. The Deep Six

    The Deep Six

  183. The Defects

    The Defects

    The Defects were a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in 1979.



  185. The Defiled

    The Defiled

  186. The Della Grants

    The Della Grants

  187. The Delta Bombers

    The Delta Bombers

  188. The Delta Saints

    The Delta Saints

  189. The Demon Barbers

    The Demon Barbers

  190. The Derellas

    The Derellas

  191. The Deslondes

    The Deslondes

  192. The Devil Makes Three

    The Devil Makes Three

    The Devil Makes Three is an American band. They formed and remain based in Santa Cruz, California. They play a brand of acoustic music known to some as folk punk. It encompasses a blend o...

  193. The Dickies

    The Dickies

    The Dickies are an American punk rock group formed in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, U.S. in 1977.

  194. The Dictators

    The Dictators

    The Dictators are an American punk rock band formed in New York City in 1973. Critic John Dougan said that they were "one of the finest and most influential proto-punk bands to walk the e...

  195. The Dictators NYC

    The Dictators NYC

  196. The Dillinger Escape Plan

    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    The Dillinger Escape Plan is an American mathcore band from Morris Plains, New Jersey. The group originated in 1997 after the disbanding of Arcane, a hardcore punk trio consisting of Ben ...

  197. The Dirty Mojo?s

    The Dirty Mojo?s

  198. The Dirty Nil

    The Dirty Nil

  199. The Dirty Robbers

    The Dirty Robbers

  200. The Dirty South

    The Dirty South

  201. The Dirty Youth

    The Dirty Youth

  202. The Doors Alive

    The Doors Alive

  203. The Dowling Poole

    The Dowling Poole

  204. The Dreaming Spires

    The Dreaming Spires

  205. The Dualers

    The Dualers

  206. The Duke Spirit

    The Duke Spirit

    The Duke Spirit are an English rock band based in London. Their sound has been seen as a melding of many influences ranging from the tremulous rock n roll of bands such as The Gun Club an...

  207. The Dukes of Bordello

    The Dukes of Bordello

  208. The Dunwells

    The Dunwells

  209. The Dusk Run

    The Dusk Run

  210. The Dylan Project

    The Dylan Project

  211. The Electric Eye

    The Electric Eye

  212. The Electric Swing Circus

    The Electric Swing Circus

  213. The ELO Experience

    The ELO Experience

  214. The Enemy

    The Enemy

    The Enemy are an English rock band formed in Coventry in 2006, signed to Warner Music Group (UK). In June 2007, The Enemy played twice at Glastonbury Festival, first in the 'Guardian Loun...

  215. The English Beat

    The English Beat

  216. The Enid

    The Enid

    The Enid is a British rock band founded in 1975 by Robert John Godfrey, Stephen Stewart and Francis Lickerish. Another early member was William Gilmour, who subsequently founded his own b...

  217. The Entrance Band

    The Entrance Band



  219. The Fall

    The Fall

    The Fall are an English post-punk band, formed in Prestwich, Greater Manchester in 1976. Despite an ever changing line up, the group essentially consists of its founder and only constant ...

  220. The Fall of Troy

    The Fall of Troy

    The Fall of Troy was an American progressive math rock trio from Mukilteo, Washington. The trio consisted of Thomas Erak (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Andrew Forsman (drums, percussi...

  221. The Fallen State

    The Fallen State

  222. The Fallen State

    The Fallen State

  223. The Family Rain

    The Family Rain

  224. The Fanzines

    The Fanzines

  225. The Farm

    The Farm

    Over the years we have been continually asked the same question 'why don't you perform a 'Pastures Old and New' set with the brass section?' Well now The Farm are finally going to play t...

  226. The Fat White Family

    The Fat White Family

  227. The Feeling

    The Feeling

    The Feeling are a BRIT award-nominated English pop band from West Sussex and London. The band categorise their music as "pop". Following a limited release of their first single "Fill M...

  228. The Fierce and The Dead

    The Fierce and The Dead

  229. The Filaments

    The Filaments

    The Filaments are a street-punk band with brass. They formed in 2000 in Chelmsford, Essex UK. Influences cited include Rancid, The Clash, Operation Ivy, The Business, The 4-Skins, and The...

  230. The Filth

    The Filth

  231. The Fix

    The Fix

  232. The Flaming Lips

    The Flaming Lips

    The Flaming Lips are an American alternative rock band, formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1983. Melodically, their sound contains lush, multi-layered, psychedelic rock arrangements, b...

  233. The Flex

    The Flex

  234. The Floyd Effect

    The Floyd Effect

  235. The Four Owls

    The Four Owls

  236. The Four Tops

    The Four Tops

  237. The Franceens

    The Franceens

  238. The Frank & Walters

    The Frank & Walters

    The Frank and Walters are an alternative rock band from Cork city in Ireland. The band was founded in 1990 by Paul Linehan (vocalist/bassist), his brother Niall Linehan (guitarist), who w...

  239. The Frank and Walters

    The Frank and Walters



  241. The Fratellis

    The Fratellis

    The Fratellis were an indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band consisted of lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Fratelli (born John Lawler), bass guitarist Barry Fratelli (born Barry ...

  242. The Fuckwits

    The Fuckwits

  243. The Furious Five

    The Furious Five

  244. The Future Dub Project

    The Future Dub Project

  245. The Gift

    The Gift

  246. The Ginger Wildheart Band

    The Ginger Wildheart Band

  247. The Gloaming

    The Gloaming



  249. The Go! Team

    The Go! Team

    The Go! Team are a six-piece band from Brighton, England. They combine indie rock and garage rock with a mixture of blaxploitation and Bollywood soundtracks, double dutch chants, old scho...

  250. The Goddamn Gallows

    The Goddamn Gallows